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Dear Applicant,


We appreciate your interest in growing with Robson Construction.


For this position, you are expected to have:

  • Reading and interpreting architectural blueprints and engineering plans.

  • Determining material requirements and construction techniques based on design specifications.

  • Constructing steel frames, supports, columns, concrete reinforcements, and other steel structures.

  • Transporting steel elements to the construction site and demarcating offloading and working areas.

  • Preparing for installation by measuring, cutting, aligning, and placing steel structures.

  • Positioning steel girders, columns, and supports using cranes and hoisting methods.

  • Verifying the alignment of steel elements with the use of levels, plumb bobs, and laser sights.

  • Installing steel infrastructure by bolting, wiring, and welding elements together according to the design specifications.

  • Ensuring that all health and safety measures are adhered to.

  • Performing maintenance and repairs to existing steel frames and structures, as needed.

Competitive salary starting at $12.00-18.00 per hour.

Benefits include pension, health plan and company related bonuses.


If you are selected to continue the interview process, our human resources department will be in contact with you afterwards.

Kindly provide us with the following:

  1. Updated Resume/ Curriculum Vitae

  2. Valid police record

  3. Drug test result (taken within 48 hours of application submission)

  4. Photocopy of passport ID page

  5. Signed and accomplished  JOB APPLICATION FORM.

  6. Current status on island (Caymanian, Permit holder, PR, RERC, etc.)

Kindly send to and with the subject:

"JOB APPLICATION - (position applied for) - (Last Name)

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