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Home Inspection

Robson is capable to undertake evaluation of a home’s structure, systems, appliances, and other important features. We will evaluate your property and provide you a report on all its findings, either to sell/purchase the property or to fix any desired issues before you close on the home.


In a nutshell, Robson inspections can help ensure you’re getting a safe and hazard-free property, ensuring you’re making a good investment, and that you won’t have tons of repairs to make before move-in (or worse, right after it).


Although home inspections are optional, most homeowners get them often at their real estate agent’s recommendation.


Common Issues Found in New Homes

Though it would seem that new homes should be relatively error-free, according to many inspectors, they often have underlying issues


Some common issues found during new construction home inspections include:


-Structural defects, like foundation cracks, improper grading, and poor framing

-Drainage and grading issues, which could cause water and structural damage later on

-Window leaks

-VAC issues, including malfunctioning thermostats and loose connections

-Electrical problems, such as improperly wired outlets, open grounds, and missing switch plates

-Plumbing issues, including reversed hot/cold in faucets, improper piping and leaks

For more information, reach out our team.

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